Dead-line for submissions: October 1st, 2017 - ICA International Poster Competition

First Prize US$2,000

Dead-line to submit entries: October 1st

The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), one of the world's leading gem and jewelry trade organizations, will hold its biennial Congress, October 21-24, 2017 in Jaipur, India.

A major center for cutting and polishing colored gems, Jaipur is world renowned for its stunning colored gemstone jewelry and fine craftsmanship. The ICA is proud to have the "Pink City" host its Congress for the second time since the association was founded in 1984.

As a longstanding tradition at its Congresses, the ICA sponsors a Poster Competition dedicated to not only promoting gemstones, but also to showcase the art of jewelry design and craftsmanship.


The theme for the 2017 Poster Competition is "Heart to Heart," which evokes the origins of a jewel from the Designer's Heart to Idea to Design to Workshop to the Buyer's Heart.

The ICA invites graphic designers and other creative individuals worldwide to design a poster that incorporates a piece of jewelry adorned with colored gemstones in keeping with this theme. The type of jewelry is up to the imagination of the entrant.

The coordinator of this poster competition is Mr. Yehuda Kassif, a special advisor to the ICA Board of Directors. All entries will be exhibited during the ICA Congress in Jaipur (October 2017) where ICA members and Congress delegates will vote for their favorite designs.

Entrants are invited to learn more about ICA and view previous poster competitions as well as a variety of posters dedicated to colored gems on ICA's website,

Prizes for the winning designs 

First Prize: US$2,000

Second Prize: US$1,500

Third Prize: US$1,000

Fourth Prize: Certificate of Appreciation

The prizes will be sent to the winners after the conclusion of the ICA Congress.   


Design Guidelines for Poster Creation

1. The main image of the poster should be a design of a piece of jewelry, several pieces or a full set, incorporating colored gemstones. 

2. The colorful designs may be sketched by hand or created digitally with software.

3. Any other images or slogans that express the values of ICA are welcome.

4. The poster should include the name of the association "ICA - International Colored Gemstone Association" in English.

5. If possible, depending on the design, the poster could also reflect phases of the gemstone industry, such as mining, production or trade.

6. In order to express the international nature of ICA, designers may express their own culture by using their language and/or national symbols and icons.

7. Special attention will be given to unique and original jewelry designs.

8. There is no fee for entering the competition


How to Submit Poster Design Entries

a. Every entrant may submit up to three designs.

b. The entrants may submit their entry in one of two ways: (1) By email directly to the Coordinator, or (2) by printing it out on A4 size paper (21.0cm x 29.7cm; 8.27in x 11.69in), and sending it via regular mail directly to the Coordinator.

c. For posters submitted by email, the digital file should not exceed 2 MB and should be in one of these formats: AI, EPS or PDF (all in CMYK mode).

d. For posters submitted by postal mail, the color printouts must be accompanied by a digital file of the design saved on a disk or USB drive in the formats and size specified in points (c) and (e).

e. The digital file must be suitable for high-resolution printing (300 dpi, or 120 pixels/cm) because it will be printed on an A3 sheet (29.7cm x 42.0cm; 11.69in x 16.53in) for display at the Congress.

f. The back of each printed poster must have the Full Name and Full Address (including email and telephone number) of the entrant. For emailed designs, the same information must be included in the email.

g. The deadline for receiving posters is 1st October 2017.


Submissions should be sent only to the Coordinator, at the following address:

Yehuda Kassif

E-mail: kassifus (at)

Mobile: +972-58-409416

Home: +972-3-5333792


Postal Mailing Address

Yehuda Kassif

19, Ha'Erez Street

OR YEHUDA, 6039619



Important - Please Note

By submitting the poster for the competition, an entrant declares that she/he is the rightful owner of the design(s), image(s) and/or any slogan(s) that are used. ICA will not return the submitted entries to the entrants. ICA is also not obliged to accept all posters that are submitted.

ICA will assume ownership of the winning posters. The winning entrant thereby acknowledges and permits ICA to use the posters in any form and in any manner that the organization chooses.

Should any ICA member or Congress participant want to use any of the jewelry designs that are shown on a poster, ICA will put the entrant and the interested party in contact with each other, but ICA will not be a part of these discussions.

For further information please email Yehuda Kassif at kassifus (at)

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